Monday, June 8, 2009

My biggest adventure!

I love to create, design, help, learn and try new things, all of these characteristics help me to grow as a person. I really believe that anybody can create if only he/she put a little bit of an effort and interest. We start creating when we let our sorrounding talk to us and we listen and pay attention. What do I mean with this? Let's say you just bought a dozen of pink roses and peruvian lilies, and it's your mom's birthday; you would love to make her a flower arrangement. You think. No, I cannot do it. Because I never did it before. Until you look at the flowers, and decide why not to try it. You start looking for the elements to create you flower arrangement with the stuff you already have at home, like a crystal flower vase, arrange the roses in the center of the flower vase and put the peruvian lilies around the roses, adding a pink ribbon to the vase, and when you finish the arrangement is so beautiful that you can not believe you did it and well.
For me selling my products online is a big adventure, during all this time I am learning a lot about marketing, advertising, communication, venues where to sell and all of these beautiful stuff. Before all of this, I thought that I only needed to create my products put in the virtual store, and they will sell by themselves. Yah, right. Selling online is a process, the main point here is that people get to your store, that you spread the word out. For these reasons, this blog is going to be to help not only myself but other artisans, and also to be able to expose their work.
Thank you for listening....Andrea

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