Monday, June 15, 2009


I was checking studios in Artfire and got to my attention a lizzard at first sight...I checked in the studio, it's name was Michelle V's, they were not selling the lizzard handbag they were offering the "LIZZARD FUNKY HANDBAG, PATTERN PDF" FOR $19.95.... I guess Iam going to learn how to make the handbag.... You get 5 classes, covering from selecting the approppriate fabric, full size printable patterns, step by step cut out instructions, how to do the circle quilting, step by step assambling and personal support thru email.
Also, in Michelle V's studio I was able to find jewelry, the materials used were from combining leather with metals as bronze, sterling silver to create leather cuff, necklaces; and sterling silver jewelry to create pendants....
now your turn to visit Michelle V's studio!

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