Monday, July 6, 2009

Artfire Crazy Train Artisan of the Day-SOY SCENTUAL


Between Monday, July 7 and Tuesday, July 8 the Artfire Crazy Train Artisan rider is "SOY SCENTUAL" studio. Its specializes in natural soy wax candles.

Item: "SOY PATIO CANDLE-CITRONELLA" for outdoor use only, for $15.00

In this beautiful studio you can find Soy containers, soy tealights, soy votives, handmade soap and soy melt.

Item:"SOY VOTIVE-STRAWBERRIES" (package of 4) for $4.00

Item:"CITRUS SLICES SOY MELTS"(package of 10) for $3.50

let's go SHOPPING to SOY SCENTUAL studio.....

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1 comment:

DK Miller said...

Soy wax candles - that sounds cool.

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