Thursday, August 27, 2009

Artfire Crazy Train Artisan of the Day- JEWELRY BY SANDY

Hi there,
Between August 27 and August 28, JEWELRY BY SANDY studio is going to be on the spotlight as the Artfire Crazy Train Rider, the artist lives in Warne, NC and loves to work with all types of stones, art glass and metals.
Let me show you some of the exquisite pieces from this studio.
"THE JADE UNICORN" sterling gold-filled, copper pendant...price $299.00
"STERLING SILVER DOUBLE STRAND GEMSTONE BEAD BRACELET SIZE 6 3/4"...price $69.00 "BUTTERFLIES IN THE GARDEN" sterling silver earrings with blue topaz...price $129.00
If you want to look for more items like these display on here, check them out at "JEWELRY BY SANDY" studio, just click on link...Happy Shopping!

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