Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi there,
Let me show you my last item listed on my ANDREA DESIGNS Studio, it is a beautiful scarf called "The Rainbow Scarf" due to the combination of colors in the yarn. It is made of peruvian alpaca (green,turquoise,wine,ocre,blue,yellow,),italian acrylic (same colors as the alpaca yarn), and ribbon yarn.
I knitted two thread together, 1 tread of alpaca yarn and the other one a tread of acrylic. The result is a beautiful and fantastic soft and light scarf. I finished the borders using a crochet with turquoise and green eyelash, to end I decorated 3 sides of the scarves with fringes ( ribbon yarn).
You will be the center of attention when wearing this scarf.

Length : 70 inches - 176 cm
Width 8 1/2 inches - 21 1/2 cm
Fringes : 8 1/2 inches - 21 1/2 cm
Price: $65.00


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