Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi there,
In LETAMARIE DESIGNS studio you will find quality handmade jewelry. Browsing at the shop I found out FREE SHIPPING is available for all products in the US.  Sometimes...always!!! is hard to decide  what  item to post or to begin with, special when in the store you see so many pretty things; let me tell you I really enjoy what I do, it's like going everyday shopping to the mall, and in the comfort of my home, just love it!
Ok, check this earrings set  made with 8x11mm Mystic Black Swarovski Pearls, name is "Black Beauty for You" earrings for $15.00 . It will look good with any type of clothing, imaging wearing them with your party black , white, gray, yellow, red, orange, blue dress, or with  a black, or gray pair of jeans and a black, white or gray T-shirt, and a black vest WOW!! just Gorgeous... See for more details...

Less talking and more browsing lol, here another pair of earrings would be a pretty addition to your wardrobe "Dainty Aquamarine" earrings for $8.25, they hang just over 1/2" from the bottom of the Sterling Silver Ear Wires.  See for more details...

And, check this one "Vintage German Glass in Green" earrings for $15.25   See for more details...

You might find LETAMARIE DESIGNS at:
To make a purchase or to see more items, please visit LETAMARIE DESIGNS

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kottagekreations said...

Beautiful creations!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

I love Leta's work - even have a couple pairs of her earrings! She's a really, really good person too. Nice feature. And worthy too.

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