Tuesday, June 8, 2010


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CATFLUFF located in Chicago, IL, aka Gabi is an artist that taking recycled materials, from scrap clothes to potato sacs, creates cutting-edge purses, bags, market sacks, clothing accessories, and more. Her love of animals, and her concern about the natural environment, combined with the influences of her multicultural background and the experiences gained from her years of travel, are apparent in all of her creations. Let's see some of them.
"Vintage Surplus Czech Army Bread Bag Messenger Style Man Satchel" for $39.95   See for more details...

"Recycled Sweater Bottle Sock Bag Snowflake and White" for $9.99   See for more details...

"Set of Five Small Wooden Block Stamps Flower and Paisley" for $12.95   See for more details...
You might find CATFLUFF at:
To make a purchase or to see more items, please visit CATFLUFF

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