Thursday, July 1, 2010

Artfire Crazy Train rider - LOVELY THINGS

Hi there,
Let me introuduce you to Mary Beth an artisan with many talents, the soul behind  LOVELY THINGS STUDIO from Buffalo, NY, the Artfire Crazy Train Rider between July 1st and July 2nd., where you can find handmade gifts for the whole family. Among her many creations, I fall in love with these amazing 'omiyage' made of beautiful fabrics, see this one: "Shimmering Pink Sakura Omiyage" for $16.00 

 You can also find prints , a direct copy from the original "Peach Freesias Print of Original Watercolor Painting" for $22.00

 You can find LOVELY THINGS Online at:
To make a purchase or to see more items, please visit LOVELY THINGS

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