Friday, July 23, 2010

Artfire Crazy Train rider - NOVEENNA

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Do you love beadwoven jewelry and accessories? Let me show you the right place for you, NOVEENNA STUDIO from  Hernando, FL, the Artfire Crazy Train Rider from July 23 to July 24, where you will find beautiful handmade bracelet/cuffs, collar/necklaces, earring, lariats and more. Allow me to show you some of my favorites:
I cannot help it but I love bracelets, have a lot of them, in Noveenna Studio one of the items that caught my eyes was "Turquoise & Silver Beadwoven Cuff Bracelet" for $226.00, just gorgeous.
When I go shopping for clothing or accessories I look for things I can combine and wear during  any season of the year, and to wear with different colors and styles, what I mean is if I wear an accessorie, it will look good with a  pair of jean an a t-shirt or with a fancy dress, with this thought in mind I create my scarves and shawls.

"Chocolate Strawberries Beadwoven Collar Necklace" for $106.00 wearing this necklace will make you be the center of attention, just saying...
"Au Natural Striped Beadwoven Earrings" for $30.00 this beautiful earring will frame your face.

You can find NOVEENNA Online at:
To make a purchase or to see more items, please visit NOVEENNA Studio

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